By Jimmy Traina
October 18, 2013

Goodbye And Thank You


Where do I even begin? I honestly have no idea how to wrap up my 6 1/2 years writing Hot Clicks. There are so many people I need to thank in the SI family -- from people who helped with my podcast (Jake Luft, Nolan Thomas, Ben Eagle, and Bette Marston) to people who filled in for me (Andy Gray, who will take over starting Monday, Chris Sesno and Arash Markazi) to all the people who edited the column (Jody Woodman, Brad Weinstein, and Richard Deitsch) to our photo editors (David Kaye and John Blackmar, who always came through when I needed something) to the editor of the Time Inc. Sports Group, Paul Fichtenbaum, who greenlit Hot Clicks. I know I'll end up forgetting someone and I'll feel awful about it, so I'm just going to leave my SI thank yous at that. I do want to say, though, that the entire group of staffers are talented and I've had a blast working with them over the years.

I also want to thank all of the bloggers and sportswriters who I've linked to over the years. There are so many talented and funny people in the sports blogosphere right now and that benefits all sports fans. I also need to thank all of the athletes and celebrities who let me interview them and contributed and supported Hot Clicks.

In the epitome of saving the best for last, I need to thank you, the reader. It is impossible for me to articulate what your support from has meant to me from Day 1. I've always tried to not talk about what kind of traffic or numbers Hot Clicks does for, but since this is my last day, I'll just share one fact with you: Yesterday, A.M. Hot Clicks was the most read story/article/column on This is 6 1/2 years after it's been on the site. That loyalty is hard for me to grasp. Your e-mails and tweets of support not only in the past week since I announced I was leaving SI for, but throughout the entire run of Hot Clicks, have always been appreciated and meant a lot to me. I thank each and every one of you for reading. Hot Clicks Nation is the best.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I took a look back at some of Hot Clicks' greatest moments last April to celebrate our five-year anniversary. Check it out if you'd like to reminisce about the fun we've had.

One Of My Lasting Legacies

Mark, of Toronto, says, "Speaking of missed High Fives, check out the total hang job Edelman gives Brady in the Sound FX link in your "Greatness at work" article. It happens at the 1:10 mark. Brady is giving high fives to everyone and Edelman leaves him totally hung out to dry. Love it!!"

Chris, of Vancouver, says, "Thanks, Jimmy, for all the hours of wasted time at work over the last 6 years! I'd like to point out that you managed to sneak in an inadvertent missed high five in the Brady video at 1:10 when Edelman snubs him... any time I see a missed high five I think of Hot Clicks."

Tyler Walzak, of London, Ontario, says, "Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy! I am wondering how you can post the Tom Brady Mic'd video on Hot Clicks and not even mention the EPIC high five fail that makes Tom Brady almost shutter in embarrassment. The magic all happens at the 1:05 mark of the video."

Stu, of Castle Rock, Col, says, "Did you notice the missed High 5 at 1:09 in the Brady video? Who walks by Tom Brady with his hand out and doesn't hit it? Seriously. P.S. Thanks for the great years of Hot Clicks, and good luck at ESPN."

To clarify two things, I didn't mention the Julian Edleman-Tom Brady missed high five from the video of Brady in today's A.M. Hot Clicks because we covered this in Monday's A.M. Hot Clicks, and I am not going to ESPN.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Minka Kelly :: Steve Granitz/Getty Images Minka Kelly :: Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Longtime Hot Clicks readers know I had an obsession with Friday Night Lights. (If you've never seen show, it's on Netflix, so start watching it now.) I also developed a bit of a crush on Minka Kelly. And by "bit of a crush," I mean, I wanted to marry her. I even got to interview her way back in 2006. But then Derek Jeter stole her from me and I was out of the picture.  But she's still getting the final LLOD honors.

My Other Lasting Legacy

Trio Of Hot Clicks' Staples

We covered Jeter already. See below for Stern. As for Francesa, it was almost as if he decided to step things up today in honor of my last day at SI. He implored one caller who suggested the Jaguars can make the playoffs to read a book before spilling his omnipresent Diet Coke all over the place.

Howard Stern Video Of The Day

Carve out 22 minutes this weekend to watch Stern and Al Michaels talk about the greatest prank call in the history of live television.

Awful SI TV Video Of The Day

My reply to this ongoing topic is in the video below. This seems like a perfect way to wrap up my tenure. (Warning: Video contains strong language.)

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