By austin wood
November 18, 2013


Next-gen games are expected to be pretty, and 2K Sports is confident that the next-gen iteration of NBA 2K14 will bring more eye-candy than any other launch game.

With excruciating attention to detail and an archive of facial scans from nearly all NBA athletes behind it, there's no question that NBA 2K14 will look the part when it hits PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In fact, senior producer Rob Jones expects the game to set the gold standard for what it truly means to look like a next-gen game.

"Players are looking to fully experience their next-generation console," Jones told Polygon. "Usually what's the best way? Well, usually you get it in two places. You get it in the best first-party game, and you get it in the game that looks the best." Jones believes NBA 2K14 is exactly that—the game that pushes next-gen systems furthest and brings staggering visual fidelity to the table.

Jones expressed similar sentiments to Extra Mustard in October. What's more, it's readily apparent how heavily 2K Sports has invested in the graphics of the game. From dynamic lights and shadows to perspiration to the scuff marks on the phones of announcers (yes, they have those), not a single detail received anything short of the full next-gen treatment. More than simple pixel count, this micromanagement of detail is unique to the power of the new software.


Having the best graphics straight out of the gate is a bold claim, especially for a launch title, but having seen the details myself, I can confidently say that, at least for a time, NBA 2K14 could indeed set the bar for PS4/XOne visuals. 

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