By austin wood
December 05, 2013


UPDATE, 12.9: When headlines go awry: Turns out, it's occasionally a good thing to accidentally pay $700 for a picture of an Xbox One. An update from Nottingham Post revealed that Peter Clatworthy, he of little regard for fine print / eBay listing titles, ended up with not only a refund for his misguided purchase, but also a free Xbox One system courtesy of electronics retailer CeX.

Without fail, each new console cycle is followed by a wave of eBay listings from early buyers eager to resell their system for a comical profit. #capitalism. This time around, one seller got craftier than usual. Rather than resell an actual, tangible console that a gamer could use to play an actual, tangible video game, someone listed a picture of an Xbox One for the price of the console. Pictures can't be used to play actual, tangible video games. Nevertheless, Peter Clatworthy bought it.

Clatworthy, a 19-year-old student of Bilborough, mistakenly paid £458 (~$734—including, in an inspired turn, shipping) for a photo of an Xbox One FIFA bundle. Speaking with Nottingham Post, Clatworthy explained that the photo was listed under "video games and consoles" in eBay, which led him to believe that, despite the label of "photo," the item for sale was in fact the console itself:

"It said 'photo' and I was in two minds, but I looked at the description and the fact it was in the right category made me think it was genuine. It's obvious now I've been conned out of my money."

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