By Ryan Glasspiegel
December 12, 2013

Don't you just hate when you're shoplifting and you're interrupted by the store owner? And don't you just hate it even more when that store owner is a trained cage fighter?

Such was the bad luck for petty thief Shawn Frazier, who found himself on the receiving end of a choke hold from Thomas Anderton, the proprietor of Tom's Music Trade in Red Lion, PA.

When he's not subduing knife-wielding burglars, though, Anderton comes off rather gentle and considerate.

"Visited Tom's for the first time and came with a load of cds to sell," one Yelp reviewer recalls. "They were mostly outdated junk and I knew that but I figured Tom could do me a favor and take them off my hands. He gave me a fair amount in-store credit. After selecting several cds and going over my credit amount, he shook my hand, said 'We're good,' and sent me on my way."


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