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Roy Halladay Attended an 80s Party, So Of Course He Dressed Up as Jamie Moyer


Recently retired Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay may have hung up his glove for good earlier this month, but he's still easily one of the top 5 costume party attendees in the game. This was evidenced by his attire at a recent 80s party he attended in which he dressed in the 1986 Cubs jersey of former teammate and ageless pitching wonder Jamie Moyer. Yes, 1986 was Moyer's rookie year, and yes, Reagan was still in office.

But not to be outdone, Halladay's former teammates Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard showed up to the party rocking some pretty solid Run DMC outfits.

If there's one lesson to be taken from all this, it is that rich people's costume parties are clearly the best.

[SB Nation

via MLB Fan Cave]