By Andy Gray
January 07, 2014

Scenes From the BCS Championship

After a nightmare start, Florida State finished strong to take home the BCS Championship with a 34-31 victory over Auburn. ESPN's Brent Musburger got the game off to a rousing start by introducing himself as partner Kirk Herbstreit. The internet exploded when Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel appeared together on air, then exploded again when Patriots owner Robert Kraft and his ladyfriend Ricki Noel Lander cruised the sideline. The postgame MVP Award went to A.J. McCarron's mom, who tweeted her (not so nice) thoughts about Jameis Winston's speech, quickly deleted the tweet and then apologized for the whole incident. Winston, who captured the Heisman Trophy and national championship this season, has a few weeks to relax before joining the Seminoles baseball squad. If you missed any of last night's game, this viral moments recap has all you need.

Meanwhile In Dennis Rodman's World

Dennis Rodman announced that he will take a team of former NBA players to Pyongyang for the birthday of North Korean “supreme leader” Kim Jong-un. Included in the group are Kenny Anderson, Vin Baker, Clifford Robinson, Charles Smith, Doug Christie, Craig Hodges, and Sleepy Floyd. In true Rodman fashion, he got into  itwith CNN's Chris Cuomo during an interview publicizing the trip. 

Introducing the BMW Bobsled

Forbes has an interesting piece on how the U.S. is the world's top-ranked two-man bobsled team thanks to a fancy new design by BMW.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Former LLOD Lauren Hanley was in the news after being spotted leaving a Los Angeles nightclub with Johnny Manziel and another female. Being the journalist I am, I tracked down Hanley for a quick Q&A about her sudden fame and night out with Johnny Football. Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do?

Lauren Hanley: I'm from Fort Lauderdale and I currently work at a dispensary in Sherman Oaks. I'm 20-years-old and I also do some modeling in my spare time. You're quickly becoming an internet sensation. Was that the plan when you started posting all these great Instagram pics? Are you friends with any other of these internet sensations? I saw you exchanging tweets with Abigail Ratchford, a Hot Clicks favorite.

Lauren Hanley: Well, thank you! When I first started posting pictures, I had no idea what a huge thing it would turn into. I know a lot of other girls from contests I've been in or doing shoots with multiple models. Abi is such a sweetie! I love talking to girls who also enjoy modeling because we tend to be very similar and have a lot to talk about :) On the average day, how many guys talk to you on Twitter or ask you out on a date?

Lauren Hanley: Ha ha, no comment. I am lucky to have lots of guys asking me out! It's extremely flattering. You're in the news because you were spotted leaving an LA club with Johnny Manziel. What was that like?

Lauren Hanley: Yeah, Johnny is a really sweet guy. I had never met him before but we had a great time at the club that night! My friend Courtney and I ended up hanging out with him and his friends later on after the club closed. What is the one movie you can watch over and over without getting sick of?

Lauren Hanley: Old School. Classic. Last question. If you could go on a date with any celebrity, who would it be?

Lauren Hanley: Vince Vaughn. One of the funniest men alive, I didn't even have to think twice about this one.

It's Getting Ugly In Washington

As Robert Griffin III frolicked with his wife on the beach in Hawaii, things are heating up in Washington. According to Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post, Griffin “bragged to teammates that he could procure favors from the owner [Dan Snyder] and influence the franchise’s direction.” Jenkins went onto blast RGIII, claiming that he engaged in “fierce finger-pointing tensions with his wide receivers” during the quarterback’s second season." Things have gotten so bad that the Redskins quarterback no longer has his own burger at the local Big Buns.

Speaking of the Beaches in Hawaii

Paulina Gretzky hung out with fiancee Dustin Johnson in Kapalua.

SI Vault Photo of the Day

Tito Horford :: Andrew D. Bernstein Tito Horford :: Andrew D. Bernstein

"That was the cool look. The flat top. That was the way to go back then. He used to curl it up at the top and put a perm on it. He’d put gel on it. He used to play around with that pretty good.”

-Al Horford discussing his father Tito's hair in the mid '80s. I spoke with Horford about his father, rooming with Joakim Noah, his first elbow from Shaq and the toughest players to guard.

Odds and Ends

The NFL is concerned about Esquire Network's new reality show about Texas youth football players ... Chipper Jones thinks Greg Maddux won't be a unanimous Hall of Fame pick because of "some dumb (bleep)" ...  A fantasy football league in Ohio made its loser retake the SATs ... Mets pitcher Matt Harvey and SI Swimsuit model Anne V visited with a Buddhist monk in Bangkok ... Wizards guard Bradley Beal wears No. 23 to honor LeBron James.


A junior hockey player in Utah attempts a cheap shot after the whistle, fails miserably.

Watch Out for the Flying Clipboard

Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer accidentally hits referee Haywoode Workman in the back with a clipboard during Monday's game in Brooklyn. (HT Holdout Sports)

Zip Lining Over an NFL Stadium

Extra Mustard had this up yesterday but I decided to put in Hot Clicks anyway. Jaguars mascot, Jaxson DeVille, turns Everbank Field into a zip line course and invites the cheerleaders to take a ride.

1,101 Days Later

This kid took a pic of himself for 1,101 days.

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