By Michael Blinn
January 11, 2014

In just a season and a half, forward Brendan Gallagher has become a bit of an icon in Montreal. The diminutive Canadiens winger racked up 15 goals and 28 points in a lockout-shortened rookie season and has added another 11 goals and 21 points in 44 games this year, establishing himself as a top-flight pest along the way.

With so much fanfare surrounding the 5-foot-9 Gallagher, it's only natural that he follow the path of other cult heroes and get his own sandwich -- at McDonald's, no less.

Nutritional information regarding the "Gallagher Trio," isn't listed on the McDonald's web site, but the entire campaign (which also features fellow pint-sized Habs forward Daniel Briere) has already drawn the ire of at least one Canadian health group.

As a professional hockey player, Gallagher can probably spare the extra calories every now and then, but as he told Montreal media outlet La Presse, "I tried one, it was delicious, but it can not be too good for the heart."

Habs Eyes on the Prize

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