By Dan Treadway
January 14, 2014

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@Jeskeets captured the top responses to a Family Feud survey asking, "If Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all-time, who is second best?" and the answers were, well, unorthodox.

Most lists such as this will include Bill Russell in the top five, but this one seems to have a distinct Lakers bias.

My assumption was that this poll must have been skewed by a large number of people from the L.A.-area being surveyed. But there's two issues with this hypothesis:

1. The show is actually filmed in Atlanta (it moved from L.A. in 2010).

2. According to a 2008 article in the Wall Street Journal, Family Feud conducts surveys by phone utilizing random-digit dialing to ensure that they have a national sampling.

So this leads me to my next hypothesis: Not everybody watches basketball.

[The Big Lead]

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