By Dan Treadway
January 14, 2014

At this point in their lives, it's likely that Vancouver Canucks forwards and identical twin brothers Daniel and Henrik Sedin are accustomed to being mistaken for one another -- just not during games.

On Monday Night, Daniel was called for a holding penalty against Los Angeles Kings defenseman Drew Doughty. During the delay before the whistle, several players congregated near the corner boards, including Daniel's twin brother Henrik. Apparently the cluster of players resulted in some confusion, which led to Henrik being mistakenly directed by the officials to the penalty box to serve an infraction he didn't commit.

Henrik found humor in the situation and a decent silver lining, according to LA Kings Insider:

Henrik Sedin, on being called for a penalty his brother committed:

"Yeah, I like that though -– fantasy points."

Me too, Henrik. Me too.

[Eye On Hockey]

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