By Andy Gray
January 23, 2014

Kobe vs. MJ

Throughout his 18-year career, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant has drawn comparisons to Michael Jordan. We even created this gallery a couple of years ago to demonstrate how similar they are on the court. But who's the better player? Phil Jackson, who coached both to NBA Championships and knows their games as well as anyone, shed some light on this debate during an appearance on Fox Sports One yesterday. When asked who'd win a head-to-head matchup between the two, Jackson chose Jordan. The coach also shared a funny story about a 1999 meeting between the two star players during which Kobe flat-out told Jordan he would kick his ass if they played one-on-one. 

Chipper Jones is Never Boring

I never cared much for Chipper Jones during his playing days but ever since he got on Twitter, I can't get enough of him. Yesterday was a banner day for the former Braves third baseman. First, he gave his two cents on the Yankees signing of Masahiro Tanaka: "Imagine my surprise when I heard that Tanaka signed with the Yankees. Really??? OMG, I don't believe it! Lemme guess...10 yrs and $500 mil??" Then he set the woods behind his house on fire while cleaning out his fireplace. 

Tim Tebow is Shirtless

The quarterback/ESPN analyst worked on his throwing skills at USC yesterday.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Have you purchased your 2014 Donna Feldman calendar yet? These photos should motivate you.

A-Rod in Cancun

The suspended third baseman wore a giant sombrero and played guitar in a mariachi band during a recent trip south of the border.

If Today's NBA Stars Played in the '70s

Our friends at looked at what today's NBA stars would look like if they played in the old ABA. Afros and mustaches abound.

SI Vault Photo of the Day

Hakeem Olajuwon turns 51 today. In 1993, SI's Jack McCallum spent a few days with the Rockets center and discovered a man who discovered inner peace.

Hakeem Olajuwon :: John W. McDonough/SI Hakeem Olajuwon :: John W. McDonough/SI

"Over the last few years Olajuwon has become increasingly devoted to Islam, and he often stops at a mosque near the Summit, the home arena of his team, the Rockets, for a group prayer in the afternoon. His baggage on the road includes a prayer rug and a special compass that points him in the direction of Mecca. Today he excuses himself and adjourns to the front porch of the guest house, where he removes his shoes, stretches out the rug, sinks to his knees and recites his noonday prayer, called the zuhr. "I am," Olajuwon says upon completion of the prayer, 'a man at peace.'"

Odds and Ends

The Oakland Raiders cheerleaders filed a lawsuit against the team ... A furniture store owner in Houston lost $600,000 on an ill-conceived NFL playoff promotion ... Bob Uecker is getting another statue in Milwaukee ... Clippers forward Hedo Turkoglu likes to lick his hands ... NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art has a must-see exhibition of vintage football cards timed to coincide with the Super Bowl ...  A Michigan State recruit reportedly lost his scholarship after suplexing a security guard ... In honor of Friday’s Australian Open semifinal, here's a look at the best moments of the Rafael Nadal-Roger Federer rivalry.

The Other Richard Sherman Interview

The sports world has spent the past four days discussing Richard Sherman's controversial interview with Erin Andrews. Before that took place, however, the Seahawks cornerback spoke to Fox Deportes.


Hulkamania Turns 30

On this day in 1984, Hulk Hogan beat The Iron Sheik at MSG and Hulkamania was born. Camel Clutch Blog has more on this historical event. 

Super Bowl, Tecmo Style

GameSided has created a look at what this year's Super Bowl would look like if it were played on Tecmo Super Bowl. All the current players are involved. This is pretty cool if you spent half your life playing Super Tecmo Bowl like I did once upon a time.

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