The Nets New Alternate Uniforms are Inspired by the Brooklyn Dodgers

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ESPN reporter Darren Rovell tweeted out a photo of the Brooklyn Nets new alternate uniforms which apparently draw inspiration from the Brooklyn Dodgers.

For reference, here's Duke Snider rocking one of the original Brooklyn Dodger uniforms in 1955:

via Getty Images

via Getty Images

According to Rovell, the Nets jersey's will be unveiled on March 21 when the team plays the Celtics. The jersey's are then slated to be worn four more times throughout the season.

The Extra Mustard team likes these jerseys, but thus far the reviews online seem mostly mixed.

And for comparison's sake, The Orlando Magic's official page recently put together a slideshow of the NBA's various alternate uniforms. How do you think this latest entry by the Nets stacks up?

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