By Brett Smiley
January 27, 2014

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Super Bowl Week Has Arrived

The week leading up to the Super Bowl consistently produces a media frenzy rife with sentimentality and goofy over-reaching, but fortunately ESPN's resident First Take troll is still asking the hard questions: Could Tim Tebow lead the current Broncos team to the Super Bowl? Let that sink in for a second (not the hypothetical; the fact that it was asked). I was reluctant to even mention it, but this is such extreme self-parody that it had to be acknowledged. We are all slightly dumber now, so, sorry.

Some Super Bowl content actually worth consuming: Madden's SB48 simulation saw the Broncos eke out an overtime win ... SI's 100 greatest Super Bowl photos ... If Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson wrestled (some NSFW language)... In case you missed Lil Wayne's cool Manning family story in today's MMQB ... Mike Ditka is not shy, thinks the NFL made a huge mistake allowing New York/New Jersey to host ... Floyd Mayweather may have wagered $10 million-plus on the Broncos to cover ... Everything you ever wanted to know about the footballs that will be used in XLVIII.

How Good (or Bad) Should You Feel About Your Super Bowl Box Numbers

Get your statistical answer, right down to hundredths of a percentage point.

Iron Bowl Bet Results In (Male) Bama Fan's Auburn Belly Button Ring  

Utterly humiliating.

Lovely Lady Round-up

It's Always Sunny In Detroit pits the Broncos cheerleaders (featured above) versus Seattle's Sea Gals and everyone wins ... Last week Andy featured Alexandra Daddario of True Detectivenow let me turn your attention to Guyism's collection of 23 Daddario GIFs ... Mentality Mag has 20 lovely ladies wearing socks.

The Time a Guy Ran Into a Burning House to Rescue His Xbox

This man must play so much he was deluded into thinking he has multiple lives. Yet he got the damned console, smoke inhalation be damned.

Mexican Skier Will Wear Mariachi Suit During Olympics 

It's glorious. If he can get a three-person Mariachi band to follow him with festive music my head might explode with excitement.

Ogie Ogilthorpe Is Real, and He's a Real Badass

We mentioned in our 25 Best Sports Villains collection that Slapshot's Ogie Ogilthorpe (#21) is based on minor league brawler Bill “Goldie” Goldthorpe. Goldthorpe explained in a recent interview that he resented that he didn't get a part in the movie, and didn't watch it for 10 years after it was released. The now 59-year-old Goldthorpe, who amassed 1,132 penalty minutes in only 194 pro games, said that he's been shot, stabbed, deported after an airport scuffle, jailed, and once ended up fighting on the ice during a game in which he was not even playing. Have a listen.

Odds & Ends

The Pro Bowl in one picture ... Vladimir Putin skating before a panel of Vladimir Putins ... Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club sequel appears to be on the way ... Texans fans want Johnny Football and they have a billboard to prove it ... The NFL season in 160 seconds ... Kobe, Meryl Streep and 50 Cent formed a most unlikely superteam at Madison Square Garden.

This Guy Could Literally Kill Someone With Snowball Slingshot  

As if his contraption isn't terrifying enough, he wears only a Walking Dead tee shirt in wintry conditions. [H/T Next Impulse Sports]

Bad Blood

The game was over, but the beef was not.

Kids Say the Darndest Things  

A little girl at a Nationals press conference for kids had a cute question for Stephen Strasburg and Anthony Rendon. [H/T For The Win]

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