Longtime Denver-Based Super Bowl PA Announcer Has to Sit This One Out

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Alan Roach has been the public address announcer for the past eight Super Bowls, but this year he has to give up the honor. The reason? Roach, the home announcer for the Broncos, would supposedly give Denver a "competitive advantage."

Think that seems ridiculous? Roach does too:

"I still get to do my KOA job on the sideline and I still get to go in the locker room after the game to talk to the hopefully victorious Broncos, so to complain about what my role is on Super Bowl Sunday is ludicrous, but there's only one person in the world that gets to say 'I'm the Super Bowl announcer' and right now I don't get to say that."

In fairness, the "hopefully victorious Broncos" quip doesn't instill much confidence in his objectivity.


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