By Dan Treadway
February 03, 2014

A bunch of University of Washington students devalued their degrees late last night by lighting a bunch of stuff (mostly furniture) on fire to celebrate the Seahawks Super Bowl victory.

Most of the commotion occurred near Greek Row -- go figure.

Police reportedly attempted to disperse the crowd of roughly 3000 students who were setting fires in the streets, but some of the rioters returned only to set more fires.

According to the article on KIRO-TV that will make you hate humanity, one of the rioters known only as 'Chris' said, "We burned couches. Then they came and they left. We burned more couches. They came and then left," before going on to say "it's good for the environment, probably."

Chris went on to further confirm that several people were shouting "YOLO" during the riots, which should be enough to make any reasonable person attempt to punch through their computer screen right now.


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