By Brendan Maloy
February 04, 2014

A game-worn, unwashed Jim Brown jersey from 1962-'63 sold for $61,212 over the weekend, the second most for one of Brown's jerseys, according to Sports Collectors Daily.

The jersey had long been in the possession of one man, who got the jersey as a gift from a friend who drove the Cleveland Browns laundry truck. And apparently it was the dirty laundry truck:

The home #32 brown shirt was made by King O’Shea, which manufactured team jerseys during the period. The dirt on the numerals can still be seen, and according to MEARS, the jersey “has the scent of body odor – recognized by anyone that ever stepped foot in a locker room”.

Great, now counterfeiters all over are going to be rubbing jerseys in their pits to raise prices.

(via Sports Collectors Daily) (via Sports Collectors Daily)


Sports Collectors Daily

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