By Andy Gray
February 07, 2014

MJ Plays Baseball

Twenty years ago today, Michael Jordan signed a minor league contract with the Chicago White Sox. Tim Kurkjian covered MJ's first week in spring training for SI and spoke to veteran Andy Van Slyke about Jordan:

"Baseball has as good a chance of having a salary cap as Michael Jordan has of wearing a White Sox cap; neither is going to happen," says Pittsburgh Pirate center-fielder Andy Van Slyke. "Baseball looks like the simplest sport to play, but it's the hardest. Golf is easier to pick up than baseball. An average guy who works at IBM can become a 10 handicap, but an average guy at IBM can't play baseball. In baseball, Michael is an average guy."

Van Slyke's word proved true. Jordan retired after 18 months with a .202 career batting average and returned to basketball, where he led the Bulls to three more championships. SI has a gallery of MJ's short-lived baseball career.

That Didn't Last Long

Remember two weeks ago when Terrell Owens got married? His wife wants a divorce.

Jonny Gomes' New Tattoo

The Red Sox Victory Parade is a day nobody will ever forget, except maybe Mike Napoli, who ended the celebration walking the streets shirtless and alone. Jake Peavy enjoyed it so much that he bought one of the Duck Boats and brought it to his home in Alabama. Jonny Gomes chose to commemorate the day in another way, by getting this amazing tattoo, complete with oversized biceps and face-covering beard.

Lovely Lady Round-Up

Barbara Palvin has a new lingerie photo shoot out ... WAGs of the 2014 U.S. Olympic hockey team ... Anna Kournikova is back ... The 101 hottest celebrity Instagrams of the week.

Clint Eastwood: American Hero

Clint Eastwood, 83, was attending the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am when he noticed  tournament director Steve John choking on some appetizers. Eastwood calmly performed the Heimlich maneuver and saved John’s life. 

Russian Beer Company Wins Olympics

These beer cans tell a story, and it's not a good one for Canadian hockey players.

Tweet of the Day

This is what happens when a pro basketball team can't field a five-man lineup.

Odds and Ends

A look inside the Olympic Opening Ceremonies swag bag ... John Cena passed Kobe Bryant as the most liked athlete on Facebook ... The funniest names from the 2014 Olympics ... Nike unveiled its new line of Jordan Crescent City Collection shoes ... Bruno Mars was not paid for his Super Bowl halftime performance. Turns out the artists are never paid ... Corey Feldman is a werewolf reporter.

Cam America is Ready for the Olympics

Ducks defenseman Cam Fowler is prepared to play for Team USA in the Sochi Olympics. He may be taking things a little too far.

Michael Jordan Returns to the NBA

We started Hot Clicks with Michael Jordan's ill-fated baseball career. Here's video from his first game back in the NBA, on March 19, 1995.

Samuel L. Jackson Trivia

The veteran movie star stopped by TNT's Inside the NBA last night to promote Robocop and to test the crew on their Samuel L. Jackson movie knowledge.


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