By Brett Smiley
February 11, 2014

Twitter via @Molson_Canadian Twitter via @Molson_Canadian

Molson Canadian's "beer fridge" campaign is downright brilliant and deserves recognition. The Canadian brewery placed the fridge in Team Canada's Olympic House in Sochi, and it will open only if someone scans a Canadian passport inside a slot. Anyone else who wants to get boozy in Olympics village will have to hit a ski lodge or find Bob Costas roaming around with a handle of vodka.

The only downside to Canada's beer fridge is the possible impact on its athletes' motor skills, although I suspect the curling team may do just fine in that one-to-three beer range, a la beer pong.

Based on the reactions below when the beer fridge magically appeared in Europe, we're guessing Molson's marketing tool is a big hit in Sochi:


H/T Fourth-Place Medal

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