By Sam Page
February 11, 2014

I don't know if something's being lost in translation here, but the Google Translate version of this Swedish sports article seems to suggest that, in the above video, Nicklas Backstrom's grandmother says her grandson sucks and will surely choke in the Olympics:

In the NHL, he is Sweden's top scorer this season, one point in front of Erik Karlsson. But although "Bäckis", 26, canapés nearly a point per game in the Washington Capitals, he has an unexpected critic before Sochi Olympics.

His own grandmother, Britt, 84, delivers an acrimonious swipe at his grandson.

"He will make a fool of himself. He has played so poorly. For a long time," says Britt in an interview with Östersundsposten.

But it is not just a striker who is criticized by grandma. The entire team has been under the ice, says Grandma.

"On the whole, they've got no game."

She at least expressed concerns about safety of the games, so there's that. Still not sure how you come back from a brutal diss like this from your own grandmother, though.


ÖP Aftonbladet Reddit

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