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Cristiano Ronaldo Has Scored a Goal in Every Minute of a Game Throughout His Career

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When Cristiano Ronaldo scored in the seventh minute against Atletico Madrid on February 11, he actually completed what is now one of the more interesting soccer trivia facts ever. With that goal -- the first Ronaldo had ever scored in the seventh minute of a match -- he has officially notched a goal in every minute of a game throughout his career.

The image above which was created by Voetbal International, breaks down all of Ronaldo's goals based on the minute of the match in which they occurred.

There is a spike in the 90th and 45th minutes in part to account for injury time, but regardless it is fascinating that Ronaldo has been able to net 22 goals at the end of matches.

H/T to Bryan Graham for the find.

[Voetbal International]