By Andy Gray
March 05, 2014

Landon Donovan at 32

Landon Donovan turned 32 on Tuesday. I usually stay away from soccer in Hot Clicks because it gets confusing with the other Andy Gray around. But it's a relatively slow news day and our photo department assembled this great collection of Donovan pics. I cherry-picked my favorites for the gallery above.

Tim Duncan. Political Weapon

If you haven't been following the Bexar County District Attorney race, here's a quick update. Nicholas LaHood squeaked past Therese Huntzinger by 50 votes to win the Democratic nomination. His secret weapon? Spurs center Tim Duncan, who recorded a message of support for La Hood on Tuesday that was sent to undecided voters.

Who Wants a $1.3 Million Diving Suit?

Esquire has the details for those with a little money to burn.

Lovely Lady Round-Up

Congrats to Sara Sampaio on being named SI Swimsuit's 2014 Rookie of the Year. Check out her most recent swimsuit photos  ... The 22 hottest photos of Shailene Woodley ... Michelle Lewin took her dog for a walk in this outfit ... Lauren Vickers should make your Hump Day a little better ... Good to see Hakeem Nicks and SI Swimsuit model Ariel Meredith get some publicity ... Jacqueline Suzanne is the Bikini Team's model of the month.

100 Years (and four days) Ago Today

Harry Caray would've turned 100 on Saturday (I'm a little late to this story. Apologies.) This would normally be a good excuse for a Caray gallery to lead PM Clicks but I already played that card. Instead, here are four of his most memorable calls.

NBA Game Movements, Visualized

NBA balls now have tracking devices installed to analyze player movements during games. This is what it looks like.

Hate the Knicks? Good News

A group called "Knicks Fan for Life” have planned a protest outside Madison Square Garden on March 19.

This Seems Appropriate

Ten years ago this week, SI featured high school phenom Sebastian Telfair on its cover and profiled emerging Lightning star Martin St. Louis, who was traded to the Rangers today for Ryan Callahan and picks. This is the first paragraph of Michael Farber's story:

The queue started at Claiborne, snaked past Polo and deked toward the Estee Lauder counter before swinging wide to pass fine jewelry. The four-day-long 'take an extra 25% off already reduced price' sale was on at Dillard's in Tampa, and while you couldn't dismiss the allure of the discounted merchandise, the 500 people lined up in the store on this Friday night were there to see Lightning right wing Martin St. Louis (mar-TAN san lou-EE). Dillard's had set up a table in the men's department—although it should have been the boys' department if you agree with the gibes directed at St. Louis on the ice—for the player's monthly half-hour radio show and autograph session. Among the fans waiting cheerfully for his arrival was Bianca DiPronio, a junior at Tampa Catholic High. Why? Like, hel-lo. 'The guy's adorable,' says Bianca. 'He's so short you can always find him on the ice right away. He's such a good player, and so cute.'"

Odds and Ends

Yao Ming and Jackie Chan attended a Chinese Congressional meeting together ... Kobe Bryant's piano makes an appearance in the latest Foot Locker commercial ... Charles Barkley is not a fan of ESPN ... This dog is very lucky to still be alive ... Classic photos of Pete Rose ... Darnell Dockett bought another alligator ... The Marlins need to find a better option at shortstop than Adeiny Hechavarria.

Model on the Street

SI Swimsuit Rookie of the Year Sara Sampaio and Gigi Hadid play "blonde or brunette" in Miami Beach.

[si_cvp_video id="video_7DA66512-BFA9-512E-E908-8E4CB1F2D244"]


Red Wings forward Daniel Alfredsson searches for his missing teeth.

Seinfeld Bloopers

I was going to be the 20,000th person to link to the famous "Ukraine is weak" scene from Seinfeld, but I got lost in the YouTube vortex and ended up with this collection of bloopers.

Happy and Excited Dogs

The twirling dogs at the :40 second mark are my favorites.

Landon Donovan is Funny

I don't ever recall seeing this ad for SportsCenter but since we're heavy on Landon Donovan, it seemed worth posting.

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