Auburn Church Sign Trolls Nick Saban

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War Eagle Reader

War Eagle Reader

For the blurry-impaired, this sign outside Saint Michael The Archangel Catholic Church in Auburn reads:


According to the all-Auburn blog War Eagle Reader, the church posts a humorous message on its marquee every day. This particular message just happened to coincide with the day (Wednesday) that Alabama head coach Nick Saban voiced his support in favor for the controversial "10 second rule" that the NCAA's Playing Rules Oversight Panel ultimately tabled.

Monsignor William Skoneki, priest at Saint Michael’s, smiles.

“I gave our secretary a bunch (of quotes) and that’s the one she happened to pick today, so I can’t take credit,” Skoneki said. “But it certainly fits today’s situation.”

“Coach Saban is a good Catholic, actually, a daily mass Catholic. But on the field, he’s more of a Goliath.”

The Auburn Tigers aren't exactly David, but the point is well taken, father.


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