By Brett Smiley
March 06, 2014

Either TD Garden is employing a Tupac hologram to keep things spicy for the Celtics faithful, or that's a pretty solid Tupac lookalike.

Last night, Boston fans broke out in a rousing "Let's Go TuPac" chant, which probably confused the hell out of anyone in the building who had not seen the Death Row rapper's doppelganger:

I'm pretty sure the man you see above is Josh Harraway, the self-proclaimed "world's first Tupac impersonator." You can see below and in some of his other photos that he often wears a white headband, the same color the guy at the Boston game is wearing.

Facebook/josh.harraway Facebook/josh.harraway

Alternatively, it's some other guy -- or Tupac himself, validating all of the Machiavelli conspiracy theorists. But I doubt Shakur would make to make his big "I'm alive!" reveal at a Celtics game, particularly because they're not even a playoffs team this year.



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