By Andy Gray
March 19, 2014

The NBA Meets Nail Art


The NCAA Tournament is underway. The NBA and NHL playoff races are heating up. NFL players are switching teams by the hour. These are busy times for sports fans. However, I just came across this photo on Instagram and felt it deserved top billing. Apparently fingernail art is a thing and there's a whole sports nail design subculture I know nothing about. But I fully support it, especially if it decreases the amount of awful sports tattoos such as this LeBron James debacle.

Meet Tony the Fridge

Tony Morrison, a native of Newcastle, England, plans to run four London Marathons (104.8 miles) in a span of 24 hours next month to raise money for cancer research. Did I mention he'll have a 95-pound refrigerator tied to his back the entire time?

Milwaukee's Best

More than 250 fans lined up at Miller Park yesterday to meet Hank, the Brewers dog (though no word on whether his No. 1 fan was in attendance). The team is selling Hank merchandise, from $32 T-shirts to $3 buttons, with 20 percent of the proceeds going to the Wisconsin and Arizona humane societies.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Rookie SI Swimsuit model Bregje Heinen is a sneakerhead and has a minor Grand Theft Auto addiction. SwimDaily made an impressive collage of all her Instagram pics for those who can't get enough Bregje in their lives.

Dumb Twitter Move of the Day

A Cavs fan attended last night's game against the Heat and posted on Twitter that he would go onto the court if his message got 1,000 retweets. Someone tipped off arena security, who took the fan into a room with 12 police officers before ejecting him. 

Feel-Good Item of the Day

An 81-year-old Pennsylvania man bowled his first-ever perfect game.

From the SI Vault

Andre the Giant and fashion models :: Corbis Andre the Giant and fashion models :: Corbis

At 7-foot-4, Andre Roussimoff towers over a group of girls at a fashion show in July 1966. Roussimoff would later take on the name Andre the Giant and forge a Hall of Fame career as a pro wrestler. The WWE will honor Andre at WrestleMania next month with the inaugural Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. In July 1981, SI's Terry Todd profiled the legend at age 35 and told the story of how Roussimoff assumed his pro wrestling moniker:

"Not only did McMahon divine the best way to showcase Andre, he also realized that the name Jean Ferré would do little in the U.S. to pull a crowd. But what should the big man be called? What name would produce in the fans the desired frisson? It was a crucial detail. Wrestling has always been filled with creative handles, ranging from the alliterative (Whipper Watson, Killer Karl Krupp) to the ethnic (El Mongol, Abdullah the Butcher) to the ethnically alliterative (Bobo Brazil, Tosh Togo) to the mysterious (The Masked Terror, The Mummy) to the simply and manifestly wonderful (Whiskers Savage, Gorilla Monsoon, Fabulous Moolah), but McMahon correctly guessed that with the towering Frenchman, straightforward accuracy would be best. Hence, Andre the Giant. Perfect."

Odds and Ends

Bo Jackson has some advice for Russell Wilson: Stick to football ... Mark Cuban took a dig at Dirk Nowitzki for his lack of effort during Sunday's game against Oklahoma City ... The 29 worst celebrity guests at WrestleManina ... A ranking of every character on Lost ... This man (who is awesome) took a bunch of selfies from his Pennsylvania home to show the IRS he didn't live in NYC ...  Ben Wallace will serve two days in jail for his February hit and run ... This is what European soccer would look like in the hands of American marketers ... Matt Harvey and the Mets don't appear to be on the same page ... A gallery of all 2014 SI covers.

Catch of the Day

Twins mascot T.C. Bear makes the catch of the exhibition season.

[mlbvideo id="31581031" width="600" height="336" /]

One Shining Moment (1999)

With March Madness underway, here's a look back at One Shining Moment from 1999. I remember this version extremely well, thanks in part to Jim Nantz's postgame proclomation: "Just when you say UCan't, UCan, and UConn has won it's first national championship in its first attempt."

Sophie Rolls Down Hills

If Hank the Brewers dog ever wants a female companion, I nominate this dog.

Andre the Giant Meets David Letterman

Andre is interviewed by David Letterman in the early '80s.

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