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Wednesday's A.M. Hot Clicks

Nick Young Celebrates


The Knicks were hoping to sweep all five games of their west coast swing that began in Los Angeles last night but failed miserably in losing to the Lakers by 31 points.Nick Young provided the highlight of the game when he celebrated a three-pointer that clanged off the rim (though it's still a better play than this 360 layup fail). We will give Young (a.k.a. Swaggy P)  a break on this because he is one of the league's best celebrators, as the gallery above demonstrates.

Two Strange Food Items

A baker in Belgium made a life-sized gingerbread cookie of Barack Obama wearing a "USA" sweatshirt and holding a basketball, which looks a lot tastier than the red and blue spaghetti being served at Skyline Chili in Louisville.

Pro Wrestling Porn

I can't say enough good things about this collection of backstage pro wrestling photos.

Lovely Lady Of The Day


Happy 22nd Birthday to everyone's favorite Danish swimsuit model, Nina Agdal. 

Is It Time For a New Hockey Puck?

No, but that didn't stop the Nordic Society for Invention & Discovery from creating the Aalto Puck. 

Rudy Gay Thinks O.J. Mayo Is Fat

Rudy Gay is not incorrect. Mayo, in his first season with the Bucks, has missed time due to injuries and packed on some pounds since the season started. Or as Gay so eloquently put it, "I guess when you’re hurt in Wisconsin, you eat.”

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Randy Johnson :: V.J. Lovero/SI

Randy Johnson :: V.J. Lovero/SI

Retirement has given five-time Cy Young Award winner Randy Johnson time to pursue his many interests. In addition to playing the drums, The Big Unit has become quite an accomplished photographer and covered the Lucas Oil Off Road race in Chandler, Ariz.,  over the weekend. So next time you see a 6-foot-9 dude (possibly sporting a mullet) hiding behind a camera, there's a good chance it's Johnson. For more classic sports photos, visit the SI Vault on Twitter. While you’re there, follow me on Twitter.

Odds and Ends

This story about South Florida not hiring Manhattan coach Steve Masiello due to "a discrepancy" in his background check should get interesting over the next couple days ... Heisman Trophy Winner Jameis Winston of Florida State was involved in a brawl during a game against Florida ... The Dodgers officially have the highest payroll in baseball ... I love these custom cleats Brian Wilson wore during the Dodgers games in Australia ... March Madness continues to be a great time for vasectomies ... The puppies of Sochi have an Instagram account ... In his first year as assistant coach, Brian Scalabrine somehow got on coach Mark Jackson's bad side and has been "reassigned" ... The Spurs stayed in a haunted hotel ... I don't really know what to make of Corey Feldman's new video but I had to link to it.

Golf Trick Shots

These are pretty ridiculous. (HT Bob's Blitz)

Pitch of the Day

Tigers hurler Rick Porcello unleashes this unhittable pitch.

[mlbvideo id="31663325" width="600" height="336" /]

Pepsi Messes With People

Pepsi Max created an "augmented reality experience" at a London bus stop so it appeared as if crazy scenes were happening on the street beyond.