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UNC Athlete Writes the Worst Term Paper in History, Gets an A-

Okay. I'm going to tell you something that's going to come as a big shock. Sometimes college athletes don't have to do very difficult coursework. I know...It's a bold accusation. But we may finally have some proof.

A photo was leaked of an actual 148-word paper about Rosa Parks written by a UNC athlete which received an A-. This is that photo:


I want to reiterate, this is the course's final paper, meaning it's supposedly the culmination of everything the student had learned in the course, and it received an A-. That's at least a 90%  Kevin Durant's free throw percentage is 88.14%.  That means that someone thinks this paper is better at academics than Kevin Durant is at shooting free throws.

Many of the details behind colleges' questionable behavior regarding their athletes' academic eligibility are still fuzzy. At UNC, we know that many athletes were pushed towards specific classes that never met and only barely had assignments.

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This is further evidence of how university athletics are underserving their athletes, although as someone who went to art school, I guess I would rather read a bad Rosa Parks paper than another pretentious blog post about film theory.

Update: Hmm...



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