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Max Scherzer's Life-Sized Bobblehead Might Frighten You

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Fox Sports in Detroit has commissioned six life-sized bobblehead dolls of current Detroit pro athletes to display outside Comerica Park during Opening Day. Suffice to say, the the artist's interpretation of Max Scherzer was, well, interesting.

In fact, it's arguable that the only thing this bobblehead got right was Scherzer's heterochromia, which causes one eye to be a different color than the other.

To give you a quick referesher, this is what Max Scherzer actually looks like.


Now if they were trying to create the villain from the R.L. Stine classic Night of the Living Dummy, then their effort wasn't that terrible of an attempt.

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But as a faithful portrayal of Scherzer, it falls woefully short.

Perhaps what's most disappointing is that a past Scherzer bobblehead that the Tigers gave away was much better.

I feel like this all has to be a prank... wait, what day is it again?

Nope, it's real.


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