By Sam Page
April 08, 2014

NCAA Men's Final Four - Championship

Angry Kentucky fans did some rioting last night after their team lost to UConn in the NCAA championship game. But not too much rioting! More like a Goldilocks-amount of rioting.

Sure they burned trash, threw beer cans, and sent people to the hospital. But according to locals, it could have been worse:

"They've been verbally angry, yes," said Lexington Fire Battalion Chief Brian Wainscott. But as a lot of pushing and fights and things like that, that you would expect to see, we haven't seen those quite yet."

Some fans threw beer bottles and burning trash through the air. A few people were injured, including one woman taken away in a stretcher with serious cuts to her head.

"People are taking kind of crazy risks ... a lot of the beer bottle chucking and stuff," Wainscott said. "We've already had a couple of serious injuries tonight, we had to get them (the victims) out of the crowds."

"Yea they've been yelling, but nothing too bad." ... (intermediate paragraph) ... "We've had some serious injuries."

In the future, Kentucky fans, if you really want to let loose, do what the Canadians do and blame anarchists from a nearby town. Danville maybe?



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