'Blue Mountain State' Launches Kickstarter for Proposed Movie

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Remember that Spike TV show, Blue Mountain State?

The comedy about a fictional college football program was cancelled in 2011 after three seasons, but it looks like we might be hearing from our old friends The Mountain Goats once again soon. Cast and crew who were involved with the show have been hinting at a Blue Mountain State movie since last year, and now it looks like it might finally come to fruition -- Blue Mountain State has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get this movie made.

The show's creators told Deadline that despite its cancellation, Blue Mountain State's audience has continued to grow through online distribution. As new fans discovered the show on Netflix and Hulu, they were interested in seeing a 4th season to find out what happened during senior year.

Blue Mountain State wouldn't be the first re-launch of a series after growing fan interest; they're following in the footsteps of the Veronica Mars movie, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter in April of last year, and shows like Arrested Development, whose fan base continued to grow long after the show was cancelled. In addition, stars like Zach Braff have successfully funded projects on Kickstarter this year.

That being said, this is no guarantee of success for the BMS movie. Some Kickstarter-funded projects last year faced criticisms from fans who claimed they didn't receive the perks they were promised in exchange for a donation, and many question whether Kickstarter should even be used to fund celebrity-driven projects such as this one. Not to mention, a big name is no guarantee of Kickstarter success -- remember Melissa Joan Hart's failed Kickstarter project? (That's okay, I didn't either).  The film's crew has promised that they've taken these problems into consideration when designing this campaign.

The Kickstarter has been accompanied by some fun promotional materials, including an "appearance" by the show's Thad Castle on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and this video, "directed" by Castle:


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