By Dan Treadway
April 16, 2014

[mlbvideo id="32099279" width="600" height="338" /]

WWE star and part-time beard Daniel Bryan has risen to popularity in recent months, in part because of his fan favorite "Yes" chant that has become a staple at major wrestling events.

It seems that Bryan's signature cheer is making its way to the mainstream, or at the very least, as far as Pittsburgh, based on the video above. Pushed by wrestling fans inside the clubhouse such as first baseman Gaby Sánchez, the Pirates and their fans have adopted the 'Yes' chant this season with mixed results thus far (the team currently sits at 7-7 but it's a long, long season). If I'm being honest, the cheer kind of freaks me out but these people seem to like it, so knock yourself out kids.

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