By Andy Gray
May 07, 2014

MJ's 100 Best SI Photos

Twenty-five years ago today, Michael Jordan famously converted a buzzer-beater over Craig Ehlo and celebrated like a madman. Sports Illustrated has been covering Jordan since his umbrella-dancing days at North Carolina and put together this collection of MJ's 100 best photos, of which I cherry-picked my favorite for the gallery above.

New Sport Alert: Combat Juggling

Ever wished jugglers would incorporate mild violence into the mix? You're in luck. 

One Way To Become Famous

Rebecca Grant has become an internet star after famously adjusting her boobs during Sunday's Clippers-Warriors game. 

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Babe expert Cyrus from Boulder emailed again to give me the heads up about the hotness that is Christen Dye ... Paige Tiziana is another Instagram star who should be on your radar ... The hottest women on primetime television ... Brazil native Daniela Braga is the latest model to audition to be a 2015 SI Swimsuit model ... Nobody looks better in a seat belt than Nina Agdal.

Taiwanese Animation Alert

As if getting arrested for stealing $32 worth of crab legs isn't bad enough, Jameis Winston is the subject of the latest Taiwanese animation video.


This Is What a 30,000 Calorie Burger Looks Like

The Pie-scraper contains 10 burgers with mini-meals (think spaghetti & meatballs, pepperoni pizza, etc.) packaged inside the burger meat.

Lindsey Vonn Meets the Obamas

Odds and Ends

The New York Jets are being sued by one of their cheerleaders ... This blonde Minnesota Wild fan has become a favorite among the hockey faithful ... Pro wrestling writer Brandon Stroud has an interesting theory on Russia, racism and Donald Sterling ... The Nats watched the NBA playoffs and played putt-putt during a rain delay Monday night ... NBC paid $7.65 billion to extend its coverage of the Olympic Games through 2032 ... Washington manager Matt Williams was involved in a hit and run while being interviewed live on the radio ... The 50 greatest comic book movies of all time ... Thirty things you may not have known about How I Met Your Mother.

Trick Shots Video Of The Day

Not sure why I have two juggling items in Hot Clicks, but here's a great video of basketball trick shots while juggling.

Arsenal Players Respond to Mean Tweets

I'd love to see NBA players do something like this (that's a not so subtle hint to NBA PR people who read Hot Clicks).

John Mayer Or Pepe Le Pew?

Billy on the Street asks New Yorkers this important question.

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