By Marc Weinreich
May 07, 2014

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Randy Wittman looks like he could be your dentist.

Instead, he's now going to have to be a 54-year-old who can show he can dunk. He promised his team he would attempt a dunk if they won their series against the Chicago Bulls, which they did in convincing fashion last week.

Apparently a timetable for the dunk was never set because the coach, who stands 6-foot-6, has yet to keep his end of the promise.

Here's Bradley Beal on what's been about as dramatic a situation as the Wiz have seen in an otherwise easy postseason thus far for Washington:

"Witt got to be a man of his word, he was supposed to do it last round. He had up until the first game [of the team's second-round series against the Indiana Pacers] to dunk...You know Witt. He needs a couple days to get stretched out. Hopefully he'll do it. I think he can do it. Maybe."

Marcin "The Polish Hammer" Gorat weighed in, too:

"Now he's trying to get out of that. He says he's going to touch the rim. That's what he said, which is kind of weird because we said dunk."

One thing I'm unclear about: Does this mean Wittman actually bet against his own team at the beginning of the series vs. the Bulls, or was this merely an old coaching trick to incentivize his players?

Ball's in your court, Randy.


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