By Alex Suskind
May 11, 2014

Former NBA center and Billy Crystal co-star Gheorge Muresan retired from pro basketball years ago, but the 7-foot-7 Romanian still spends plenty of time around the game. In addition to organizing basketball camps in America and back in his native country, he also does some PR work for the Washington Wizards, a job that includes taking photos with fans and participating in celebratory playoff videos.

Pegged to the 'Zards' current postseason run, the team put together a clip that shows the organization's many employees getting down to -- what else? -- Pharrell Williams' overplayed/excellent pop tune "Happy." Look closely and you'll spot Muresan along with Wizards' owner Ted Leonsis shaking a leg.


Huh, Muresan is a slightly better dancer than this '90s SportsCenter commercial let on.

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