By Andy Gray
May 12, 2014

Fashion at the NBA Playoffs

I can't stop looking at the overalls/rolled-up pants outfit Dwyane Wade wore to Sunday's Heat-Nets game. Here's a look at some other fashionable looks from the NBA playoffs.

I Love David Ortiz, But...

As a native Bostonian (Framingham to be exact), I love David Ortiz for all the great things he's done for the Red Sox. As a baseball fan, I think it's time for him to stop complaining. His latest rant was aimed at the official scorer of Saturday's Red Sox-Rangers game, in which Ortiz broke up Yu Darvish's no-hit bid with a two-out, ninth inning single. Ortiz believes a seventh-inning pop-up to shallow right that fell between two fielders  should've counted as a hit because nobody made a fielding error. The scorer ruled it as an error because in his opinion the ball should've been caught. Ortiz, in case you forgot, famously interrupted Terry Francona's postgame press conference after a 2011 game because he was upset a scorer changed his two-RBI single to an error with no RBIs.

My Favorite Story of the Day

Angela Rypien, the daughter of  former Redskins QB Mark Rypien, plays in the Lingerie Football League and got chewed out by her coach for not hustling off the field. Someone is taking lingerie football a little too seriously.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Katelynn Ansari is a Def Leppard fan. She also has a great Instagram account you should be following ... Robyn Lawley is the latest model to visit the SI office for a 2015 Swimsuit audition ... Congrats to Brittney Palmer on her wedding.

Def Leppard vs. Bon Jovi

Quick tangent: my predecessor, Jimmy, lived and died for Bon Jovi. Seeing Katelynn in that Def Leppard t-shirt reminded me of a debate we often had about the two bands. I think Def Leppard is much better than Bon Jovi. Jimmy thinks the opposite. What do you think?  Email me ( and I'll post some of the best responses. 


Minor League Hockey Team Or Gibberish

Take our quiz and test your minor league hockey knowledge.

The Rays Do Woodstock

Need more proof Joe Maddon is baseball's most unique manager? His team is traveling to the west coast for a week and Maddon encouraged the players to dress as if they were going to Woodstock. 

Alex Rodriguez paints his toes

This is what the New York Daily News refers to as front-page news.

Odds and Ends

A look at some of the cleats that will debut at the 2014 World Cup this summer ... The Browns were thisclose to drafting Teddy Bridgewater over Johnny Manziel ... MLB may have purchased stolen documents to prosecute Alex Rodriguez ... Kickboxer, the 1989 movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, is being remade with UFC champ Georges St. Pierre and WWE superstar Dave Bautista ... The mansion used in Scarface is being sold for $35 million ... Solange and Jay-Z got into a fight in an elevator. Here are the best reactions to the video of the fight ... Among other changes, Fox has decided to end it's all-animation lineup on Sunday nights ... A Florida couple was fined $746 for feeding homeless people.

Armless Ping-Pong

Meet Ibrahim Hamato, the world's best armless table tennis player.

Steve Winwood Turns 65

Here's Traffic, in 1972, performing Low Spark of High Heeled Boys.

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