By Andy Gray
May 12, 2014

Playoff Chokes

Serge Ibaka, Blake Griffin and Caron Butler :: Getty Images Serge Ibaka, Blake Griffin and Caron Butler :: Getty Images

Oklahoma City blew a 16-point fourth quarter lead in Sunday's loss to the Clippers and missed out on a chance to take a 3-1 series lead. Fans in Los Angeles would've been ecstatic about the victory but Time Warner Cable's signal froze and cut out the game's final 30 seconds. Doc Rivers had a front-row seat for the comeback and could only think of one thing afterwards ... beer. Meanwhile in Washington, the Wizards "AARP lineup, "featuring reserves Andre Miller, Drew Gooden and Al Harrington (combined age = 104), amassed a 17-point first-half lead, but the Pacers clawed back for a 95-92 victory. The end of the two halves told the story as John Wall swooped in for a perfect layup to close out the first, and Trevor Ariza threw away the ball at the end of the fourth quarter to end any chance of a Washington comeback. Most importantly, Gheorghe Muresan was anything but happy with the Wizards loss.

Sports World Celebrates Mother's Day

Brewers outfielder Carlos Gomez busted out the rare pink goatee look in honor of Mother's Day ... Eagles defensive back Malcolm Jenkins successfully trolled the Twitter world by posting photos of his five baby mammas, which turned out to be five photos of his wife ... Mascots have mothers too, just ask Rosie Red and the Pirate Parrot ... NFL players thank their moms on Mother's Day ... LeBron James had some nice words for his mom.

Best Prom Ever

Think your prom date was hot? This high schooler in Houston not only went to the dance with a Texans cheerleader, but also had dinner beforehand with six of her cheerleader friends. And people say Twitter is a bad thing!

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Johnny in Cleveland emailed and insisted I make Helen Owen a LLOD. I'm obviously hoping the request is from Johnny Manziel and he's a closet Hot Clicks fan. If not, the other Johnny in Cleveland has phenomenal taste in women.

Water, the Newest NHL Playoff Star 

Water, yes water, has taken an unlikely role in this year's NHL Playoffs. Bruins forward Shawn Thornton was fined $2,800 for squirting water into the face of Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban, and last night, Penguins star Sidney Crosby received an unexpected bath to the face, courtesy of Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist. And don't forget Anaheim's Corey Perry, who pranked Kings forward Jeff Carter by filling his glove with water during a stoppage of play last Monday.

Important NFL Draft Stat

Traffic to was down 15 percent on Thursday night, the first round of the NFL draft.

From the SI Vault

Tommy Heinsohn and John Havlicek :: AP Tommy Heinsohn and John Havlicek :: AP

Nothing like a cigarette after a tough Game 7! Celtics coach Tommy Heinsohn puffs away as he receives a champagne bath from John Havlicek. Earlier that night, the Celtics claimed their 12th NBA Championship with a 102-87 victory in Milwaukee. The game occurred 40 years ago today. SI's Peter Carey describes the postgame celebration in the Celtics locker room:

"John Havlicek, a vintage blend of sweat and pink champagne dripping from his hair, leaned against the green chalkboard in the Celtics' locker room after their seventh-game 102-87 victory over the Bucks and beamed that squiggly Charles Schulz grin of his. He had reason to be doubly happy: the NBA championship trophy was on its way back to Boston, where it always seemed to him to have belonged. And for the first time in all his many title-winning years, Havlicek, the Most Valuable Player in this series, was clearly the man most responsible for bringing the title home. Even in the final game, when his points totaled just 16, the Bucks' concentration on him allowed other Celtics -- particularly Center Dave Cowens, who scored 28 points -- to shoot freely off a revised Boston offense that had been diagrammed on that same chalkboard only hours before. It is an indication of how far these Celtics have come that they could look away from Havlicek and still win. And it is a mark of Havlicek and the old Celtic traditions he so thoroughly embodies that he loved every minute of it."

Odds and Ends

Houston Chronicle reporter John McClain was forced to eat a newspaper after losing a bet about the NFL draft ... Mitch Williams was  thrown out of a baseball game for 10-year-olds after screaming profanities at the umpire ... A.J. McCarron reportedly fell to the 164th pick in the NFL draft partly because of how he handled himself leading up to the event ... The Vikings are reportedly looking for a way to get rid of Adrian Peterson ... The Ravens cheerleaders had a bikini photo shoot ... Dwyane Wade should have his fashion card revoked for this outfit ... Great collection of '80s hair bands and what they look like in 2014 ... A look at which baby names will be popular over the next 25 years ... A list of TV series on broadcast networks that were cancelled this year.

Worst Golf Shots Ever

Things get ugly for Richard H. Lee while on the 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass.

SI Swimsuit Models Get Body Painted

Behind the scenes as Samantha HoopesEmily RatajkowskiHanna FergusonCris Urena and Lauren Mellor enjoy some body paint in St. Lucia.

Gheorghe Muresan Cologne

You think I'd mention Gheorghe Muresan in Hot Clicks and not include this amazing commercial?

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