By Brendan Maloy
May 14, 2014

[mlbvideo id="32699091" width="600" height="338" /]

On My 26th, you can finally cook like your favorite Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder with the latest fan giveaway at Dodgers Stadium: an Andre Ethier jersey BBQ apron!

Also on Extra Mustard: Yasiel Puig Makes Fun Of Adrian Gonzalez's Base-Running Skills

This promotion begs a lot of questions: What does Andre Ethier have to do with grilling ? How is a BBQ apron different than a regular indoor apron? Is there anything Vin Scully will not do for the Dodgers? Can I have one of those hamburgers in the video?

Good to know that the term "Batter up" can now apply to pancake batter, too.



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