Ranking the NFL's New Ugly Sweaters

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The NFL thinks that ugly sweater parties shouldn't be limited to the Christmas season. Forever Collectibles has just released a collection of ugly NFL sweaters; they're officially licensed, and officially ugly. For your edification, we've assembled the five ugliest sweaters from the collection and ranked them from least to most ugly.

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5.  Cincinnati Bengals


The Bengals sweaters are far from the ugliest ones on this list, but they're worth mentioning because of those ridiculous tiger-pattern sleeves.

4. Seattle Seahawks


The Seahawks earned a special place on this list because they have some of the coolest jerseys in the league, so to turn them into a sweater like this is a true feat of ugliness. I think we can all agree -- by definition, beachy seafoam colors weren't meant to go on winter clothing.

3. Miami Dolphins


Oh yuck. This is a color combination you might find in an outdated nursing home, plus a Dolphins logo that's way too complex to be woven into the fabric of a sweater. On the other hand, I can 100% see Don Shula wearing this sweater. No doubt.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers


We've already covered the fact that the new Buccaneers jersey is hideous on its own, but this sweater somehow takes that truly awful jersey and makes it even worse. I mean... you're combining a pirate motif and Christmas trees. That makes zero sense, so as an ugly sweater it makes complete sense.

1. Cleveland Browns


This sweater looks like food poisoning.

The sweaters retail for $59.99 and you can take a look at the complete collection here.

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