By Andy Gray
May 21, 2014


Shawn Bradley Photo Tribute

Shawn Bradley is the subject of the latest 30 for 30 short that explores how he went "from a bust on the basketball court to a superstar off of it." Frankly, I'd watch anything on Bradley - even this SportsCenter compilation of the top 10 times he's been dunked on. To get you ready for the special, I prepared this gallery of my favorite Shawn Bradley photos.


Bills Fans vs. Jon Bon Jovi

Bills fans are taking a stand. With the rumors running rampant that Jon Bon Jovi is thinking of buying the team and moving it to Toronto, fans have petitioned bars, restuarants, bands and DJs to boycott all Bon Jovi music. For those fans who can't get enough JBJ in their life (cough, Jimmy), here's a gallery of Jon Bon Jovi and sports. 


Ban Tony Romo

I missed this over the weekend, but fans in San Antonio have created a White House Petition to ban Tony Romo from attending Spurs games. And while we're all waiting for that one to be approved, here's a gallery of NFL players as spectators.


Lovely Lady Of The Day

Thomas from Manhattan requested Savannah Kreisman get some Hot Clicks love. I am happy to oblige ... Kayla Fisher truly is, as this headline suggests, a rack of all trades ... Meet Kino MacGregor, America's sexiest yoga instructor ... The Houston Texans cheer squad is in Puerto Rico for a bikini shoot ... Nina Agdal posed for Bebe.


Get a Free Johnny Manziel Tramp Stamp

Our friends at Busted Coverage want someone to get Johnny Manziel tramp stamp and are offering to pay for it. I predict they will have a volunteer by Friday.


The Seahawks Go To Washington

The Seahawks visited The White House today and looked like they had more fun than any championship team that visited the president. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has all the action.


Jim Kelly Health Update

In honor of Jim Kelly, the SI Vault dedicated Wednesday to Buffalo sports. Check out all the pics.


Odds and Ends

Rory McIlroy called off his engagement to Caroline Wozniacki, just days after their wedding invitations went out ... Nick Saban was not happy included him in its list of most disliked people in sports ... Adrian Peterson's reaction to LeSean McCoy saying he's the NFL's best running back? Laughter ... Paul George's biggest off-the-court fails ... Miles Austin received permission from Browns legend Bernie Kosar to wear No. 19. Austin signed with Cleveland late last week ... A blind long snapper will walk on at Tulane ... This is how much it costs to book your favorite band ... Minnesota is the first state to ban anti-bacterial soap ... Happy 62nd birthday to the great Mr. T.


Kate Upton In Body Paint

Behind the scenes of Kate Upton's 2011 body painting shoot.

[si_cvp_video id="video_44E34CD5-52CD-EB79-BD82-1F2A28B1DA0B"]


Never Seen This One Before

Amateur MMA fighter Mike Pantangco was dominating his opponent, but tapped out because he didn't want to inflict any more damage.


Tennis Through the Eyes of Roger Federer

Roger Federer wore Google glasses while hitting with fellow tennis legend Stefan Edberg.


Three-Second Karate Match of the Day

That didn't take long.

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