5 Professional Bowlers With The Sexiest Personalities

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NOVEMBER 02, 2005_ LAKEWOOD, CO - Patrick Allen of Tarrytown, NY, tries out the lanes during the practice session of the PBA tournament at Brunswick Zone in Lakewood, CO. (SUMMARY - Looking for feature shots from the first day of practice for the Mile Hig

You guys loved last week's list of the 10 Sexiest Male Sports According to Women, so we're giving you more sexy content for your Friday. And while some women are drawn to the virility and rippling muscles of surfers or basketball players, some women really want a man with personality. Someone with a little bit of chutzpah, someone sensitive, but not too sensitive. Someone they can marry someday, you know?

So to find some husband material, we turned to the Dads of the athletic world -- bowlers.  Here is the definitive list of the best personalities the world of bowling has to offer:

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1. Clarence Inglewood

Don Saucier of Old Orchard Beach is a 5-time World Champion Candlepin Bowler

Clarence is something of a Ladies Man on the professional bowling circuit, but don't let his Don Juan history fool you -- he's the real deal. Yes, he's been spotted with models and actresses from here to the French Riviera, but he's just trying to fill the hole left in his heart when the woman he loved, Maria Contrapañoza, ran off with another man (renowned darts champion Atilla Piquefort). Clarence is a hopeless romantic shielding his heart from pain by bouncing from woman to woman, but deep down, he feels like he's missing something. Maybe you'll be the lucky lady that teaches him how to love again.

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2. Sven Märtensingson

4th Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games: Day 2

We've all known Sven Märtensingson to be something of a lone wolf on the bowling circuit. He's the bad boy in bowling shoes, the veritable James Dean of the alley. He's great if you like fiercely independent types. Attracted to danger? Sven is the one for you. He's a fast man who bowls a fast ball, and you'd better be able to keep up. But be careful with yourself, ladies, or this bowler might 7-10 split your heart.

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3. Argan Raschimoonokov

XVII Bolivarian Games Trujillo 2013 - Bowling

Argan is a soft-spoken country boy who doesn't always get as much attention from the ladies as I think he deserves. Sure, he's not a bad boy like Sven or a player like Clarence, but once you get to know him, you might find he's the biggest catch on our list. With eyes you could get lost in and a soft-spoken nature, Clarence is exactly the kind of guy you'll be dying to bring home to mom. I've heard rumors he'll even let you play with the bumpers up and pay for bowling alley nachos on the first date. How romantic!

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4. Shangor Raul Loperdicus VII

Champion pro bowler Parker Bohn III put on a bowling demonstration at Spare Time Bowling before the

Every list has to have a funny man, and Shangor fits the bill. Always ready with a witty quip or a funny voice, Shangor will have you rolling in the aisles (or should I say, rolling in the lanes!). He's got class-clown charm with a grown-up sensibility. And with a smile as gorgeous as Shangor's, you'll spend your whole night trying to keep up. But don't worry, he's not all fun and games. According to Shangor's OKCupid profile, he says he "likes to just let love happen" and that "I'm just a boy, standing in front of a bowling alley, asking to bowl a strike." Ladies, get this one before he's gone.

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5. Sheila Pomplemousse

XVII Bolivarian Games Trujillo 2013 - Bowling

Don't worry, gentlemen, we haven't forgotten about you. Everyone's eyes were on one lady this year -- Sheila Pomplemousse, and it's easy to tell why. With an attitude at once self-confident and humble, a determination to win that can be seen during every match, and a clear nurturing element that will make her a great mother one day, Sheila is really the full package. Sheila has been a total firecracker on tour this year, and we know she's spurned the advances of at least one of the other bowlers on this list. And can you blame her? With such a promising career and endorsement deals rolling in, she's gotta take some time to think about herself. Hopefully once the playoffs are over, she'll have a little time to look for love, too. I know the men in our audience would certainly be happy if she did.

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6. Bonus Picture of Paul Rudd Bowling

Paul Rudd 2nd Annual All-Star Bowling Benefit - Inside

Okay, personality will only get you so far. So here's a picture of Paul Rudd looking handsome while bowling. You're welcome.

And if you're interested in seeing some non-bowing athletes bowl, check out this gallery from Andy Gray.

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