By Andy Gray
June 03, 2014

Sheep Playing Soccer

Soccer-playing sheep :: AP Soccer-playing sheep :: AP

Think you're excited for the World Cup? The citizens of central Colombia dressed their sheep in Colombia and Brazil jerseys and had  them play a game of soccer. World Cup action begins a week from Thursday.

Mets Set New Record in Philly

The Mets are 28-29 and their disposed hitting coach recently claimed the team needs to spend its money more freely, but they have reason to boast. The team set the single-day cheesesteak record when it scarfed down 103 of them during a rain delayed game at Philadelphia's Citizens Bank Park. Special props to bullpen catcher Eric Langill, who ate 17 cheesesteaks over the three-game series.

Landon Donovan Gets Heckled

Chicago fans chanted "U.S. reject" at Donovan as he attempted a corner kick in Sunday's Fire-Galaxy game.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Chris from Cape Cod wrote in to ask why I've never featured Olivia Pickren as a LLOD. As it just so happens, I'm spending all of next week in the Cape, so I'd be a fool to deny Chris' wish. Olivia's looks don't hurt either.

Chad Greenway Saves the Day

The Vikings linebacker was enjoying a relaxing day on Lake Minnetonka when he spotted a couple whose boat was spinning in circles and drifting toward the rocks lining the banks. He hopped into the water and helped guide them to safety. Greenway's story provides a nice counterpoint to this list of NFL players arrested this offseason.

What Costs $4.5 Million and Only Lasts 30 Seconds?

NBC is seeking about $4.5 million for a 30-second commercial spot in Super Bowl XLIX next year, according to Variety.

From the SI Vault

Derek Jeter :: Getty Images Derek Jeter :: Getty Images

A bloody Derek Jeter heads back to the field after diving into the stands to catch a foul ball during a 2004 Red Sox-Yankees game. This is widely considered one of the best plays of Jeter's career. The Yankees captain made one of the worst plays of his career last night when he thought a fair ball hit by Seattle's Kyle Seager was foul and the mental gaffe led to a triple. For more classic sports photos, visit the SI Vault on Twitter.

Odds and Ends

Bill Clinton smashed a mirror in his hotel room when he learned Qatar got the 2022 World Cup ... The NBA is releasing its own limited-edition American flag sneaker ... Everything you need to know about the World Cup TV coverage ... Jose Canseco appears in the latest trailer for the Oscar hopeful Piranha Sharks ... Dan Marino is the latest retired NFL player to sue the league over concussions ... ESPN claims Tom Brady isn't among the NFL's top five quarterbacks. This writer pokes enormous holes in ESPN's conclusion ...  Thirty of the funniest things ever shared on Tumblr ... Australia is the world's most obese country as 63 percent of its citizens are overweight.

Bowling Trick Shots

Dude Perfect works his magic on the lanes.

Lingerie Football Pep Talk

Danika Brace of the Las Vegas Sin gets her team ready for action, and uses some salty language to do so.

WNBA Screen of the Day

Skylar Diggins gets destroyed during Sunday's matchup between Tulsa and Seattle. (H/T FTW)

Is It NFL Season Yet?

Seattle's Christine Michael had a video game-esque run during Seahawks OTAs yesterday.

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