According to EA's FIFA World Cup Simulation the Winner of the Tournament Will Be...

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via EA Sports

via EA Sports

Good news: EA decided to save everyone a lot of time by just simulating this year's World Cup now so you don't have to watch it. Four years ago, EA's simulation correctly predicted that Spain would win the World Cup, so there is little -- in fact, not one reason -- to think that they won't correctly predict the outcome this time around.

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Brazil's Neymar will win the Golden Boot award by scoring 6 goals in the tournament, so good for him. But Brazil will ultimately fall in the final game to Germany, which I can imagine is probably quite upsetting for Neymar. It's jus a real shame for Brazil that this is going to happen.

But fortunately for you, Germany is currently only has 11/2 odds to win the tournament, so you can get a pretty decent payday when they defeat Brazil, which they almost assuredly will.

You can check out the full predicted results of what will totally actually happen during the tournament below:

Round of 16

Brazil v Netherlands 3:1

Ivory Coast v Uruguay 2:3

France v Nigeria 0:1

Portugal v Russia 2:0

Spain v Mexico 3:1

England v Colombia 1:1 (4:3 pens)

Argentina v Ecuador 2:0

Belgium v Germany 1:2

Quarter Finals

Brazil v Uruguay 2:2 (4:3 pens)

Portugal v Nigeria 4:3

England v Spain 0:2

Germany v Argentina 2:1

Semi Finals

Brazil v Portugal 1:0

Spain v Germany 0:0 (4:5 pens)

3rd Place

Portugal v Spain 1:3


Brazil v Germany 1:2 (AET)


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