By Brendan Maloy
June 09, 2014

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One of the giants on last night's Game of Thrones was played by Neil Fingleton, a seven-foot-seven British man who is also a former North Carolina Tar Heel and a McDonald's All-American.

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Fingleton, who is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest man in Great Britain and runs an online big-and-tall clothing store, embarked upon an acting career after failing to make an impact in college hoops, leading to his appearance as a giant who [SPOILER ALERT] breaks through the gate at Castle Black and takes on a group of Night's Watch.

Hopefully HBO will have the heart to include a game of one-on-one between Fingleton and Thor Bjornsson, who plays The Mountain on the show, in the DVD extras. Preferably refereed by Tyrion Lannister.




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