By Andy Gray
June 18, 2014

Did You See That?

Every week, SI compiles the weirdest and wackiest photos for our "Did You See That" gallery. This week's installment includes jousting stallions, a parachuting former president and Dennis Rodman on the loose in Las Vegas.

World Cup Items

A robotic Lionel Messi is running around Brazil and terrifying World Cup fans ... Clint Dempsey will release a rap album after the World Cup ... The complete history of the official World Cup soccer ball ... Termites were found in the bed of Uruguay's goalkeeper. Foul play is suspected ... This adult film star is definitely giving Chileans a reason to root for their country ... Durex condoms also got in on the World Cup fun.

Scottie Pippen Races Goldfish

Goldfish racing is now a thing and Scottie Pippen joined in on the festivities while visiting a Kentucky bar last night.

Lovely Lady Round-Up

Emily Sears, who is from Australia but now lives in Los Angeles, celebrated the Kings' Stanley Cup victory with some new photos ... Spain vs. Chile (SI Swimsuit style) ...  Speaking of SI Swimsuit, Crystal Renn turned 28 today ... Xenia Deli also has some new photos out that are worth your time ... May Kwok is one of Esquire's favorite girls on Instagram.

Dumb Tattoo Of The Day

A Detroit Lions fan got a "2015 Super Bowl Champs" tattoo with a photo of the team's mascot. The Lions are currently a 40-1 longshot to win the Super Bowl.

Tom Izzo With A Mustache

Michigan State students need to start a hashtag campaign to make Izzo grow this baby back.

History of Pro Wrestling In One Image


This illustration is just amazing, especially when you see a larger version. Purchase a copy for yourself at Roundhead Illustration.

Odds and Ends

Sam Trickett, Britain's highest-earning poker pro, has spent over $1 million on champagne in the last three years ... A quick rundown of the Redskins federal trademark case ... TCU players got a little bored during their 15-inning game and had some fun with their rally caps ... Joan Rivers takes some shots at Lena Dunham in her new book ... This is what Kim Kardashian would look like as a character on The Simpsons ... You can now view GIFs directly on Twitter ... Duke student/porn star Belle Knox lost her financial aid because she makes too much ... What Instagram would've looked like in the 1800s ... Five myths about charging your cell phone.

Trick Shot Of The Day

This is really impressive.

Metta World Peace Gets Pranked

Jimmy Kimmel and Amar'e Stoudemire team up to prank the Queens native.

Pearl Jam Video Of The Day (Part 2)

I received a few emails and tweets applauding the Pearl Jam video I put in this morning's Hot Clicks, which got me to thinking I should include more of these (and not just Pearl Jam!) Is there any singer/group you want to see? Email your request to

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