By Dan Treadway
June 18, 2014


Have you ever watched an MMA fight and thought to yourself, "this isn't insane enough, I wish there was a way to make this infinitely more dangerous"? Well, first of all, you're probably a sociopath. But secondly, you're in luck! Introducing full contact skydiving, the sport that improbably, inexplicably exists (assuming this video isn't fake, which I'm guessing it is because holy hell this would result in a lot of deaths).

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The video above features UFC fighter Urijah Faber, who boasts a 30-7 career record and apparently poor decision-making skills.

According to the sport's official website, "FCS draws from traditional martial arts such as Wing Chun, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and variations of Muay Thai, Daito-ryu, and Aikido, teaching fighters timing, mid-air adjustment techniques, and free-fall attack neutralization. Well-rounded full contact skydivers are adept at short-, mid-, and long-distance attack techniques, utilizing high speed strikes at vital anatomical points, including pressure point strikes, joint locks, and strangulation holds."

If you're a fan of full contact skydiving, boy are you going to love Team MMA.



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