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A broadcasting delay made Joel Embiid look really sad to be drafted by the 76ers

When cameras cut to Joel Embiid after he was drafted third overall during Thursday's NBA draft, he seemed pretty bummed out. Of course the Internet took notice, wondering if the Kansas star was sad to have fallen out of the top slot to the Philadelphia 76ers.

It turns out he was simply the victim of a tape delay, and the live look-in happened before his TV announced that he had been picked. ESPN later ran his real reaction for those at home concerned he was not as joyous as you would expect a newly minted millionaire (going to a team that realistically won't be competitive for several years) to be.

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Embiid and the Sixers also took to Twitter to clear up any lingering misconceptions.

In a somewhat similar vein, Zach LaVine of UCLA had this interesting reaction to being drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves: