By Dan Treadway
July 09, 2014

It was a result that soccer fans (and even those who don't follow the sport) will surely never forget: 7-1. 

Brazil, boasting a 39-year win streak on home soil, appeared utterly hapless against a German side that almost appeared to be toying with them. Interestingly, the match that many might have been inclined to turn off at half-time became the most tweeted about single sporting event in Twitter history, accumulating a total of 35.6 million tweets during the match -- most of which were likely taking funny jabs at Brazil. Below you can see a heat map tracking the tweets sent based on location and volume:

Twitter data also tracked the most mentioned players during the match:

And it should be noted that Sami Khedira's goal in the 29th minute to lift the score to 5-0 (and to truly cement this game as one of the most memorable collapses in sports history) set a new tweets-per-minute record:

Kudos goes out to Twitter's servers for being able to handle this unprecedented amount of snark.

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