July 09, 2014

Tom Hanks and Sports

I was struggling for a lead item when I saw that today is Tom Hanks' 58th birthday. I also noticed that the Savannah Sand Gnats, the Mets' Class A affiliate, are hosting Forrest Gump Night on Saturday. I added these two important events together and came up with this gallery of Tom Hanks and Sports. 

A Kind Request From Pornhub

The fine folks at Pornhub are requesting users to stop uploading videos Germany’s 7-1 victory over Brazil to the “Public Humiliation” category. I have many jokes and I will keep them all to myself. 

Today's Bizarre Pro Wrestling News

A prisoner in Philadelphia is suing WWE Diva Natalya for $250,000 in damages for mental and psychological trauma after accusing her of being an "evil dominatrix" who abused him mentally and sexually between 2005 and 2009. 

Lovely Lady Round-Up

I'm hoping Fernanda Motta is doing okay after Brazil's defeat yesterday ... Fifteen years of American Pie girls in honor of the movie's 15th anniversary ... Anais Pouliet has a new photo shoot out for Urban Outfitters.

Know Anyone Who Looks Like A Famous Athlete?

I'm putting together a gallery of fans who look like athletes. It'll be like this gallery except it'll be regular people and not entertainers who resemble the athlete. Email me (andy_gray@simail.com) any nominations you may have. This contest also holds true for SI Swimsuit models so if you know anyone who looks like Kate Upton (like this girl, for instance) send it my way.

Newborn Babies Makes A Great Bat

Jason Kipnis held a ticket giveaway for his bobblehead night on Tuesday and asked fans to tweet a photo imitating his batting stance in a creative way. One fan decided to take his minutes-old baby and use him as a bat in the photo. And that still wasn't good enough for first place!

Soccer Kits For SEC Schools

Clearly inspired by the World Cup, Auburn fan Kevin Ives created this set of SEC jerseys made to look like soccer kits.

Odds and Ends

Concession Food Item of the Week: The Baco ... The minor league Portland Sea Dogs will host "Star Wars Night" on Aug. 16 and will wear these Chewbacca uniforms ... Jumbo Fisher had a nice catch while on a family fishing trip ... The winner of this year's Home Run Derby will get an actual championship belt ... The Carl Crawford experiment in Los Angeles is not going very well ... Neither did Pamela Anderson's second marriage to the same man ... LeBron James has earned $450 million so far in his NBA career ... Photo: Masters and Johnson (the inspiration behind Showtime's Masters of Sex) attend a Cardinals game in 1966 ... Love this 'bobblehead celebration' by members of the Indians last night ... A man in Denver asked President Obama if he wanted to get high with him ... Jimmy Fallon and Halle Berry made a human hamster wheel.

Brazil's World Cup Loss Gets Taiwanese Animation Treatment

You knew this was coming.

Soccer Flops In Everyday Life

This is very well done.

Happy Birthday John Tesh

Finally, an excuse to show Tesh's amazing live performance of the old NBA on NBC theme song.

Pro Wrestling With Only Inhales and Exhales

The description says it all. Just tremendous.

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