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Concession Food Item of the Week: The Shake'n Bacon Brew

Extra Mustard's Concession Food Item of the Week is all about pushing boundaries, which is why this week we decided to venture into previously untouched territory for this feature: Booze. This week we decided to highlight an item that boldly combines three of four of the biggest staples in American cuisine: Milkshakes, bacon, beer and more bacon. 


WHO HATH WROUGHT THIS MONSTROSITY (and where can I shake their hand)??: Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas

WHAT COMPRISES SUCH A THING?: It is a milkshake made out of six ounces of Ugly Pug Back Lager (from Fort Worth craft brewery Rahr & Sons), six ounces of Blue Bell homemade vanilla ice cream and two ounces of bacon-infused maple syrup (yes, the syrup has bacon. Duh.) and candied bacon bits all blended together.  It also is topped with whipped cream and, that's right, MORE BACON!!! (NOTE: There is an under-21 variation made with root beer -- it's fun for the whole family!)

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898? Isn't that more than the equivalent of two double cheeseburgers at McDonalds?: Yup.

Will my dignity need to be traded for this gem: No, just $10

This item was made available last fall for a Sprint Cup race, and if there's any justice in this world it will be made available for generations to come.

Credit intern Morgan Wolf for tracking down this cup of glory.