Noel Vasquez/BET/Getty Images
By Marc Weinreich
July 20, 2014

Boxing great Floyd Mayweather had a rather awkward exchange recently with a reporter when he was asked about his relationship with Johnny Manziel and Justin Bieber.

Mayweather, Manziel and Bieber have regularly been seen out together, that much we all know. NBC Chicago's Peggy Kusinski asked the 37-year-old whether Johnny Football and Beebs are "marketing partners" or friends, to which Mayweather -- currently on tour to promote his rematch with Marcos Maidana -- began to accuse her of "racial profiling," and while he was talking about his relationship to Bieber, she said "that's the oddest matchup -- you two together."  

Here's the testy exchange: 

[h/t Fighting World Entertainment]

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