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Mike Tyson's new cartoon looks absurd

Did you know that Mike Tyson has a new animated show premiering this fall on Adult Swim called Mike Tyson Mysteries? Well, he does, and it appears to be a darker, more esoteric version of Scooby-Doo, where Tyson, a drunk pigeon (voiced by Norm MacDonald), a young Korean woman, and the ghost of the Marquess of Queensberry run around solving mysteries.

On Friday, Tyson premiered the first trailer at Comic-Con, where he dipped into his usual bag of Tysonisms:  

[Rachel] Ramras voices the character of Tyson's adopted Korean daughter. When this was brought up on the panel, Tyson interrupted, saying he thought until that moment that she was Chinese. He then commented that he "never adopted a Chinese girl in real life." When [star Jim] Rash was answering a question about doing voice work, Tyson interrupted to point out an audience member who resembled Jerry Garcia.

I can't wait for the episode where Tyson accidentally eats Lennox Lewis's children.

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