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Journalists ask Usain Bolt about kilts, selfies

Usain Bolt participated in a press-conference for the 2014 Commonwealth Games on Saturday, where he was asked a series of odd, embarrassing, and off-topic questions from those in attendance. 

An Australian journalist kicked things off by shamelessly requesting a selfie with the track star: “Usain, I’ll be honest. None of us in here are here for work — we’re all here as fans. Can we please get a selfie with you?”

The next non-sports topic: current affairs. 

"You’ll be aware that the Commonwealth Games are the friendly Games, with a subtext of human rights. In the past, the Israel and Palestine territories have tried to join the Commonwealth. You’re a man of the world. What is your view?" (Bolt smartly avoided the question by stating he "doesn't follow politics" and "can't really comment.")

Bolt was then asked whether he had ever worn a kilt, since this year's games are being held in Scotland (he had not).

Thankfully, not everyone in the room appears to have been a shameless star-hungry hack –– an encouraging sign for us media folks. The public's trust in journalism is currently at an all-time low, and we need every bit of support we can get.

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